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Is Jeff Conaway Dead or Alive?

Who knows? It's hard to say, who do you believe? There have been so many stories out there I'm not sure what to believe.

On May 18th, reports started emerging that Jeff Conaway was in the hospital in a coma from an apparent drug over dose.

May 20th, Dr. Drew tweeted that Jeff Conaway did not have a drug overdose he had pneumonia and sepsis and was expected to recover. He also said he was in a medically induced coma.

All this I shared with you when I found out.

On Thursday May 26th, I guess it is Friday now, so yesterday. TV Guide reported that Radar Online had reported that Jeff Conaway may be taken off of life support later in the day, that the feeding tube had been removed and that he had been brain dead since he was brought into the hospital.

I see a red flag here because why would Dr Drew think he is going to recover after visiting him if he had no brain function since he was brought into the hospital. I mean you don't recover from brain death. If Dr Drew visited, found out he had pneumonia, sepsis and was in a medically induced coma, I would think he would have also found out if he was brain dead. So I'm suspicious of the TVGuide/Radar Online report. You know me. I start looking for more information. Cause this smells of the ole a friend of friend told me rumor, that no one really knows how got started. This is what I found.

May 10th Jeff Conaway was found unconscious.

May 18th A restraining order was supposedly filed by Carla Shreve (Jeff's sister) barring Vikki (Jeff's girlfriend) from visiting.

May 20th Dr. Drew tweets Jeff Conaway will recover.

May 21th Dr. Drew tweeted that hopes and prayers are needed that Jeff Conaway suddenly was not doing well.

May 23rd Radar Online reported that Taxi co-stars Tony Danza and Marilu Henner have been at Jeff's bedside since he was hospitalized. They reported that Marilu was talking to Jeff and he seemed to be responding to her, even though he was in a medically induced coma, he would turn his head towards her when she was talking. Again this doesn't sound like someone with no brain function to me.

May 26th People Magazine reported that on May 9th Vikki Spinoza (Vikki Lizzi her stage name) his longtime girlfriend visited him late at night, he was staying with a friend, she gave him a hug and said she would see him in the morning to take him to his doctors appointment. She called the next morning, got no answer and when she arrived back at the house the friend could not wake him up so she called 911.

People magazine is also reporting that Jeff Conaway's sister Carla Shreve filed a restraining order against Vikki based on the fact that she visited and hours later Jeff is unconscious, the sister also alleged that Jeff had broken up with Vikki and he was afraid for his life, that he had gotten an apartment and was going to start a new life without her. The order was granted preventing her from going near the hospital bed until a hearing on June 10.

People also reported that the two had filed restraining orders on each other earlier in the year. I can actually believe this after watching the two of them on Celebrity Rehab. Jeff and Vikki had a volatile relationship, they got physical one pushing the other and had many verbal spats.

It's hard to believe a restraining order was issued on a celebrity and TMZ wasn't all over it. I have to wonder if that is even true. I haven't seen anything on their feed. I tried to verify this through the court house but Los Angeles Superior Court did not offer free online access. The only article I see on TMZ is a brief blurb stating that Vikki will fight the restraining order, they didn't even report that Jeff was in the hospital this time.

Also in this same article from People Magazine they report that "When Vikki went to visit Jeff in the hospital, she sat by his side," Fisher says of a day before the restraining order was granted. "They were in the process of reconciling." Fisher is Vikki's best friend according to the article. That sounds to me like on May 17th they were working on reconciling, since the restraining order was issued May 18th. Well if Jeff was brain dead how was that working?

May 26th Radar Online reports that Vikki claims to have a Power of Attorney and also a Living Trust that names her as guarantor of the trust. So the hospital is now going to re-read the trust. As Vikki does not want him taken off the ventilator. I find it hard to believe the hospital didn't know exactly what the trust said before they were going to take Jeff of the ventilator. Maybe they really meant we'll have the hospital attorney's read the trust now. A source also tells them that the restraining order against Vikki has been dropped and that the family has the only Healthcare Power of Attorney. 

Well there is a difference between a Living Will and a Healthcare Power of Attorney. I would think the Living Will would prevail here. But I'm neither a doctor nor a lawyer. So I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

I hate when someone is sick and the families all start fighting over what to do. I mean seriously people make a Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, whatever you want to call them, but make your wishes known so your family doesn't have to fight over the decisions or possibly make a decision you won't like. And don't think your young you don't need to worry about it. You never know what might happen. Okay that's another rant for another time.

So are ya'll seeing a pattern here yet, I am. Almost every article from what should be a reputable source reporting on Jeff Conaway seems to use Radar Online as their source. Radar Online seems to use Jeff's manager as their source quite a bit. Jeff's manager is the one who told them that Jeff was admitted to the hospital in a coma from a drug overdose. See the problem.

Whatever happened to patient confidentiality anyway? Does it not apply to celebrities? I mean as much as I want to know whether Jeff Conaway is alright or not, if they came out and said Jeff wants to keep his business private, I would be okay with that. I would respect it.

But this, all this false news is just craziness and with the manager seemingly being the one to promote it.... you know where I'm going with that. I mean I don't think Jeff's going to be looking for TV time anytime soon. I mean when he was in Celebrity Rehab he was talking about teaching acting, which I thought was an awesome idea. So why does he even have a manager, seems like a waste of money to me.

I mean yeah the guy is generating publicity right now, but I wouldn't call it good publicity. I'm not a fan of the motto any publicity is good publicity. If you do bad stuff people remember it and it reflects badly. So no I do not think saying someone overdosed on drugs is good publicity. I mean honestly who wants to hire a drug addict. How can that be helping Jeff, especially if he is working to get clean as some reported he has still been trying to do. Jeff has a hard enough battle on his hands without all this garbage being thrown in the mix.

And all these reports are crazy. I mean it's not like it was a slow news day or even a slow week. I mean there was "The Rapture" prediction that never happened, or did it? All the tornadoes maybe it's going on. I'm sure there were dramatic and heroic news stories to report in the tornado zones. I mean good grief there's no need to just be making stuff up.

Well as I tweeted yesterday, I hope Jeff awakes from his coma and slaps all these people around him putting out false reports about him. Shame on them.

I still don't think we really know how Jeff is doing all we can do is wish him the best.

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