Monday, May 23, 2011

Cane's Evil Twin - The Young And The Restless

I'm really having mixed emotions about Cane Ashby having an evil twin. On one hand it's great because that means Daniel Goddard still has a job. On the other hand the evil twins usually get killed off. I sure hope they find some way to rehabilitate this evil twin into a good guy once this storyline is over so Daniel Goddard can stay.

Maybe Lilly's love will turn him into a good guy. Kind of like with Adam, we started seeing glimpses of good in him when he fell in love with Sharon. I would like to see a different story line from Sharon and Adam, but what ever it takes to keep Daniel Goddard there, I'll be happy with. Maybe Genie Francis will smack him into line, but where has she been all this time?

It's hard to imagine Daniel Goddard with an evil bone in his body, but he sure was scary today.

Since we now know Cane is an evil twin and not a ghost, I'm wondering how he knows all of the right things to say to her. Colin hasn't been in the picture long enough to fill him in on everything.  This should be interesting.

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  1. It looks like Cane's evil twin is named Caleb.


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