Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Young and The Restless Was So Good Today

OMG What a show today! and it isn't even Friday.

Someone please smack Phyllis Newman she is making me crazy with all this. Taking Lucy from Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman Abbott won't make up for what you did to Daniel Romalotti. Whatever that was I didn't watch when Phyllis had Daniel.

If they could get Daisy to sign her rights away, that would solve a lot of problems for Daniel, Victoria and Billy. But it's so risky, because Daisy is psycho.
Poor Lily. She loves Cane so much she is easy prey.

I nearly fell over laughing when Caleb asked if he could keep her as a little pet. It's really not funny, it's sick and twisted, but I must confess I laughed out loud.

The grandparents on this show are getting out of hand. Phyllis Newman - Colin Atkinson, I'm just saying. Jill's actually behaving, that might be a first.

There's a gag order on Lucy's case? Who knew?

The look on Phyllis Newman's face when she finds out Daniel delivered the baby is priceless. She needs to let Daniel make his own decisions even if she thinks they are wrong. She has advised him about what she thinks, now she needs to let him be. He's a big boy.

And how much did Billy enjoy firing Phyllis. I didn't even see that one coming and it was so obvious.

You just know Sofia's baby is going to be Neil Winters.

The scene with Kevin Fisher and Chloe Abbott was cute, but they did kind of steal the idea from Spinelli. I'm glad Angelo is leaving, I really wasn't in love with that storyline. Who knew Angelo would be such a good kisser. Too funny.

I like Kin Shriner, but I sure hope Ted Shackleford returns soon as Jeffery Bardwell. I miss him.

I must say the restraint Cane, oh I mean Caleb has is amazing. I can't believe they haven't fallen into bed yet.

What is Colin up to now with Neil? He is up to something.

OMG Lily Ashby comes to her senses that what Caleb is saying isn't right, that her mind could just be playing tricks on her. What will she decide? Will she run away with him? You've got to feel sorry for her.  

I'm not buying the blog Phyllis wrote on is going to be out there forever. First if it's a Restless Style blog Billy can delete the article. DUH Second I thought Phyllis had a personal blog, remember when she was writing about all the gossip in town. I didn't think she was employed then.

Phyllis you know you are lying to Lauren through your teeth, you are trying to bring Daisy back. I do believe Lauren will take Daisy out if she comes back. There's Daisy! You know she had to see the article.

Okay so Colin wants Lily crazy so he can take the kids. I wasn't sure if he really wanted to take Lily with him or not, and what about Jill? He hasn't said much about her.

Oh my gosh I can't believe Lily asked her dad to take the twins to keep them safe. That's a good mom though.

Enter Genie Francis. Yea! Oh Caleb says I hate that SOB. Please tell me he is going to be a good guy after all. Oh the suspense. What will Caleb do? How will Genie be? I'm thinking she's not going to be a good girl.

Are we sure that wasn't a Friday show? What a cliffhanger! I can't wait until tomorrow.

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