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Big Brother 13 Episode 29 Finale September 14, 2011

Well the season finale if finally here. I must say this is probably one if not the worst season of Big Brother I ever watched.

I just won't know what to do with myself when I don't have to listen to Rachel anymore.

We left off with part one of the HOH competition. Adam Poch is the first one to fall off. This has got to be one of the weakest casts ever. Not one endurance competition ran over into After Dark this season. I mean this comp is for $500,000 and it lasted 45 minutes, please. I'd throw up and fall in it for a 1 in 3 chance for half a million.

LOL Porsche, I'm stuck in the butter.

Part 2 Adam and Porsche compete in an underwater maze. I don't think I've ever seen a comp like this one.

OMG That's a shame Adam had that problem with the goggles. Porsche wins.

Rachel and Porsche now compete for Part 3. Rachel told Porsche she would take her to the final two. She already sounds like she is going to back out. I wouldn't trust her. Adam has certainly been working both of them with good arguments to take him.

At the jury house, interesting Shelly said she wanted to see Adam or Rachel come through the door. I wasn't sure what her feelings were about Adam. Kalia walks in with Jordan right behind her. Brendon jumps up and starts screaming yes! yes!. What an ass!

Jordan says she thinks Rachel should win. Daniele says Rachel is the biggest floater in the house. Seriously I'm laughing out loud. Of course Brendon defends her. Kalia thinks Rachel deserves to be at the end. Shelly says she doesn't understand how you can viciously, maliciously tear people up and send them off to win half a million dollars. Jeff rolls his eyes and Jordan is the one who speaks up. Shocker. Jordan tells Shelly she lied and said something about everyone there. Daniele doesn't feel Rachel's behavior was strategic at all. That's for sure. I agree. She needs meds.

Jordan has the nerve to say Porsche didn't do anything. What did Jordan do? Jeff and Jordan are going to give Adam money for being loyal? Is that the game? I don't think so.

Back to the competition. This should be interesting they have to complete a statement from a juror. I don't think either of them bother to really get to know anyone in the house. Porsche probably more so than Rachel. Clearly they didn't get to know their house guests.  Rachel is in the final two. I wonder if we will get real tears.Nope I don't see any tears.

Well lets see who she decides to take with her. Rachel this isn't about you shut up and evict someone.

She evicts Adam.

Is it me or did neither Porsche or Rachel answer the question aside from competitions what was your game move or what did they do strategically. Nothing that I saw or heard them say.

Rachel is still repeating herself. LMAO at Daniele, Rachel you're lucky this is not a personality contest. So true! Kalia and Jordan need pants on with their shirts. Oh my.

I see Evel Dick dressed for the occasion. LOL

Oh wow Jeff and Daniele do not like each other and have not made up. I would love to hear Jeff and Jordan after they've watched the season and see who really had their back and who didn't. I think they are going to be really surprised.

The votes are revealed.

Brendon = Rachel
Daniele = Porsche
Jeff = Rachel
Shelly = Rachel Shocker right there. Even Rachel didn't expect that.
Kalia = Porsche
Jordan = Rachel
Adam = Porsche

Rachel won because of Shelly, that I would have never guessed in a million years. I really thought Adam would be the deciding vote as did he. His biggest mistake was telling Rachel he would still vote for her even if she evicted him. Worst, worst, worst worst season ever.

And Jeff the bully is America's player. I am so glad that is ove.

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