Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 12, 2011

Rachel Reilly and Adam Poch are having dinner.

Porsche was in the DR. She came out and cleaned the mirror above the stove. They must of told her to clean it in the DR.

Porsche is having pasta salad.

Adam, I can't believe how many hours I spent staring at that memory wall for it never to come into play.

Adam and Porsche said a thank you to all the 9/11 workers and said a tribute, had a moment of silence. Very nice.

Rachel, comes back from the DR. They tell her they did a 9/11 tribute and a moment of silence. Rachel, I'll do a moment of silence too. How long did you guys do? a minute? Duh!

They made more tie dyed shirts today. They are laying on the floor drying.

They are playing cards and telling stories about when they were teenagers.

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