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Big Brother After Dark Recap September 11, 2011

The house guests are playing cards, talking about the competition today, eating wings, potato skins, chips and celery. I think Adam spilled his drink or something on his shirt

Porsche Briggs has two fingers with band aides on them. She also has a bandage around one of her calve/knee area.

Porsche, Rachel we just won $5000 for every week we were here this summer. Adam is in the diary room. Porsche and Rachel are doing a happy dance. This is because

Earlier today Porsche won the second competition. So if Porsche is telling Rachel they just won $50,000. I wonder if that means she is going to take Rachel to the final two, or does she just want her to think that in case Rachel wins the third competition.

Porsche tells Rachel the winner takes the other on a Mexican Vacation.

Porsche he can't be mad if we take each other because we won the HOH's. I knew we did endurance this had to be skill. Rachel, I was afraid it was going to be questions. Rachel, did we want our future in his hands? Now we don't have too. Porsche, If he beat me he really deserved it because that was hard. I really adore him as a person. He has a chance of coming back for All-Stars, he has a shot at America's Player, he got Tori Spelling, his birthday. He has had an awesome summer. Um, Porsche also got to meet Tori Spelling, won $5000 and had a golden key the first four weeks of the game.

Rachel, and they thought we were just cocktail waitresses. Porsche, they thought all I was good for was tanning.

They are finally off lock down. Adam to Rachel, be honest with me. Rachel, honestly I have a deal with Porsche to go to the final two but I'm afraid she will beat me. Adam, even if you don't take me you have my final vote. If Porsche wins the final comp, I'll have to re think that to be honest with you. If I won I was definitely taking you. Because I knew if I won, Brendon would be upset with me for not taking you, you would be upset for not taking me and I wouldn't have Porsche's vote. I would have Jeff and Jordan's vote. Rachel, If I took you. You would have Shelly, Daniele, and Kalia. Maybe Porsche if I evicted her.

Adam, I knew when I lost that comp I lost 50,000 or 500,000. Maybe I will win America's juror. I wanted to beat you, that's why I stayed with Jeff and Jordan I wanted to be able to say I beat Jeff. Rachel, I didn't tell you or Porsche this but if I won I was going to take whoever won second.

Adam, I wanted to have a great summer. I'm not gonna mope around. I might get a little sobby at points. I knew I wanted to have a position to win it. I was in a position to win it and I didn't. I'm not going to what if. I am pissed off I threw the googles out, but that didn't cost me 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Smoking might have cost me two minutes and 13 seconds. Being a smoker probably cost me a minute, being a smoker probably cost me a minutes.

Adam, don't feel bad, you've earned your way here. My only regret is day 55 when you and Jordan were at your lowest and I turned my back on you guys for like a minute.

I think Adam just put himself out of the house if Rachel wins by telling her he would vote for her even if she puts him out. That was stupid because she needs jury votes to win.  She has Brendon. I'm not sure if she had Jeff and Jordan's vote but between Rachel and Porsche she might get their vote especially since Porsche put Jordan out. Adam would give her the fourth and winning vote. He should have never told her that. What is he thinking?

Rachel I must have some kind of social game I was nominated 4 times on the block 5. Adam and Porsche were nominated 4 times too.

Rachel goes to DR. Let's see what Adam tells Porsche. Adam, I was just telling her I am the deciding vote. So if you want to take a chance on me being the deciding vote then take that chance, if you don't then keep me here. So why didn't he make that same argument to Rachel? Adam, I will keep my vote a secret but whoever wins the final part will have more weight for who wins. Adam, Rachel has more weight she was either HOH or on the block the entire summer. If I am in the final two I will campaign for who ever takes me there because I did not earn the right. Porsche, I don't think Jeff and Jordan would ever vote for me.Whether it's you or Rachel, I have no chance of Jeff and Jordan's vote.

Rachel comes back out and Adam says he told Porsche the same thing he told Rachel, if you don't want to take a chance on me being the deciding vote take me.

Now they are talking about the competition today. It was some kind of underwater maze. They had goggles, nose plugs and ear plugs. That's too much gear for me. I'd have just worn the goggles and that's it, if it were an option. 

I think Porsche is hoping Janelle will show up for the finale.

Porsche, What if everyone thinks I'm a dork? Adam, hello have you met me? I'm definitely the dork of the season. DOG, yes. Cute Big Brother.

Well I guess that is probably all we'll learn until Wednesday. 

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