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Big Brother After Dark Recap September 10, 2010

There are appear to be doing a roast to the past house guests. They are referring to it as "burn book".

Adam, Kalia, Kalina should not be waiting by her mailbox for a Pulitzer prize cause she should be waiting to be sued for plagiarism. You used everyone of Danni's lines right before she walked out the door to go see her in the jury house.

Adam, I cannot burn sweet Jordan. Porsche I can't either. Rachel, she got a little saucy this season. Porsche,  she's fun, she's sweet, she's innocent, but she can't talk game even to save her life, have fun in jury with Jeff.

Rachel, I have to stick up for her on that one. She did zing you going out the door. Porsche, she did say I was good at hosting and in a bikini. You wanted to see Jeff. Rachel, what??? Porsche, no one else would do it. It's all in good fun.

Rachel, Jeff. Adam, You had more voices than you had game.

Rachel, Lawon. Adam, What's behind the door? Oh, it's an eviction. Put me up I want to see what's behind the door. It's Julie Chen. Rachel, look at this guy, that's America's favorite?

Rachel, What about this chick pointing to her own picture? Adam, we don't burn book our own.

Rachel, I can burn book this bi$ch Cassi you and your little manipulative lies. Nobody comes between me and my blondes. Adam, Have a cheeseburger and call me.

Rachel, do you even want to try and burn book Evel Dick? Adam, no I can't. Rachel, too chicken? Adam, no he's my man crush. Evel Dick I wish you would have stayed around longer so I could have stabbed you in the back. Rachel, you know what he is saying "bring it on bitches" in All-Star season. Adam, bring it on may the best Dick win and nobody is evicting this Dick out of the house.

Adam this is all in good fun, we love all of our ex cast mates.

Porsche, Cassi you didn't like me and I planned on going to at least the final three. So you had to go. You can join Keith. Adam, have fun in the back yard for fineness. Porsche, you spent more days in sequester than you did in the house.

Rachel, You tried to be a regulator but you got regulated.

Adam, this is all in good fun. This is for burn book only, we don't mean anything we said, we are just having fun. This is for entertainment purposes only. If it wasn't for everyone of those people we wouldn't be here. To all of you for making big moves when you shouldn't have. For making the bad moves, thank you. We'll see you on finale night.

Now they are giving a slow walking tour of the house. Rachel needs to shut up already.

The house guests had steak, lobster and champagne for dinner.

Part 2 of the competition is tomorrow.

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