Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 8, 2011

Adam Poch, Rachel Reilly and Porsche Briggs are in the HOH playing cards. I'm so glad they finally got real cards instead of playing with tea bags.

Adam is in the HOH. He got a play bacon toy and a clown he said he is going to name Jeff. It even has yellow shoes.

Rachel is busting into Adam's food. Why does she always seem to be in everyone's basket eating their stuff.

LOL The chips they just got in the HOH basket are expired. That's pretty cheap CBS. Rachel said Jeff had something that was expired too.

I'll bet these guys are all ready for bed except for Rachel. They were woke up all night last night.

Porsche's mom was her dad's forth wife. They dated two weeks were married a little over a year. They were divorced 6 months after she was born.

I was just thinking about prior endurance competitions. They have gone on for hours. I don't think any of this seasons have gone on longer than an hour.

Haha Adam must be thinking on the same lines. He just I wonder how mad they'll get if it's another endurance comp that last's twenty minutes. They've been building all day.

Porsche and Adam are whispering. Rachel went to the bathroom. Adam, that's the easy way. Porsche, something about she would have voted for Jordan. Adam, she already won two years ago. Porsche, give somebody else a chance. Me. Porsche, am I allowed to tell people who I'm. I'm leaning towards. DOG, Porsche, No. Rachel comes back in and wants to know what is going on. Adam, no you can't sleep on my couch tonight. Porsche, I'll get no'd again if I tell her. DOG, Porsche yes.

I always thought the HOH wasn't allowed to tell who they are putting up. They've been very lax on that this year. But now Porsche isn't allowed to say who she is voting for?

Jordan is packing.

Adam is talking like he has nominated Jordan and Rachel.

Porsche just said she won the veto. Rachel says she missed Brendon. Porsche, do you want to go see him tomorrow? Rachel, no I can wait.

Rachel said something about getting trashed tomorrow with the beers that are left. Adam says if you are here tomorrow.

Porsche is head banging to Adam's music. Porsche, it's not that bad. I thought it would be scarier.

Rachel and Porsche just informed Adam that of the seven windows in the house only two had natural boobs. Adam, not to be a pervert or anything are Janelle's real? Someone said no.

I'm not sure who Adam nominated, but Porsche has won the veto so either Rachel or Jordan are going home.

Jordan has gone to bed.

Adam is sitting on the bed playing cards in his HOH robe. He looks like he should have a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

Adam just said Porsche has done videos and commercial's so I guess they have all been on TV before except Adam.

Dear CBS next season please hire unemployed people. I'm sure there are pretty unemployed people that could use the money and they would do some serious fighting to win.

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