Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 5, 2011

Rachel Reilly and Porsche Booker are playing cards in the back yard.  Jordan Lloyd is getting in trouble for trying to move the workout equipment. Adam Poch is outside somewhere. I hear him but can't see him.I haven't seen Kalia.

They are all talking about first kisses and boyfriends and girl friends. Rachel liked playing kissing games. No surprise there either.

Kalia Booker just stuck her head out the door looking for something. It looked like she might be doing her hair.

Porsche Briggs, Adam Poch and Jordan Lloyd are wearing their hats that they got in the shopping spree. I was thinking they hadn't wore them because the shopping episode hadn't aired. They were on lock down last night. So I don't know.

They got six beers no wine. Yep, Rachel is still drinking.

Omg Jordan Lloyd is talking about going out with Jeff Schroeder and falling down the stairs. His response was get up you are so embarrassing. Instead of asking is she okay? She scraped up her leg. That's sad.

Now they are discussing Basketball Wives.

They are talking about Pauley P from NCIS. They are clearly not NCIS watchers.

Jordan and Rachel are talking about who they've met from previous shows. Dan, Memphis, Chelsea, Libra and Haley are all nice.

Since I was so bored with After Dark I decided to track down what Kalia was doing in Anchorage.

This is what I found. She had the lead role in a play called Caroline Or Change. Her acting name is Kalia Lynne.

A local paper article.
Some Photos

At least we know that one isn't a lie. LOL

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