Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 28 September 9, 2011

Adam Poch won HOH and got a whole bunch of bacon stuff in his basket.

Rachel up in the HOH room telling Adam she wants a guarantee. I don't think she is in any position to be demanding guarantees.

Jordan Lloyd I'm sorry your a sweet heart but Porsche has won more competitions and played more game than you.Little Jordan's been stomping her foot and throwing tantrums quite a bit this summer.

I think Adam Poch needs to get Rachel out so she doesn't beat him in the final three competition, and then I think he needs to take Porsche to final two. Jordan has already won once and she has Jeff, Brendon and Rachel in the jury house who I think would vote her over Adam. But taking Porsche could mess him up too, because Porsche has won more competitions than Adam. It all depends on who wins the veto. I'm pretty sure I know who won, but let's see.

Nominations.are Porsche Briggs and Jordan Lloyd. I'm shocked too Rachel. If's he's planning on back dooring Rachel, I don't know that means somebody besides Rachel has to win the veto. Hummmm.

They play the Big Brother Jukebox. Porsche Briggs wins the veto.

I'm pretty sure Porsche will take herself off the block the question is who will she vote out?

Porsche used the veto, Rachel is now on the block. Okay so Rachel is confused. Jordan and Rachel are giving good bye speeches instead of pleading their case.

Porsche evicted Jordan. I'm thinking that might cost her $500,000.

Jordan is evicted.

Part 1 of the HOH competition begins. It's called the Big Brother mixer.Oh they are sinking in the butter. This is a little different.

Don't forget to vote for America's house guest to win $25,000. I finally decided to vote for Daniele just because she played so hard and I thought maybe it would help with her school expenses. You do get to vote ten times. So get all your votes in for whoever you decide.

According to my guide the finale is not Sunday, but Wednesday after Survivor. I always thought Survivor was after the Big Brother Finale, that's different. Anyway we have to wait almost a week to see who wins.

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  1. Who in their right mind will give JUDAS DANNYBOY 25,000 DOLLARS conceited conneying Bitc- (THINK AGAIN) You may have well give it to SHELLSHOT(ither deserved it)

    Maybe, Brandon Since, he was backdoored and he would have won playing FAIR

    Have a heart my vote is BRANDON he plays fair and didn't throw a VETO like DUM AS- Jeff and MUTT

    Jordan Floating Vet doesn't need it she didn't try hard enough to win ANYTHING

    Big K did a lot of damage following Judas lead behind AWFUL Porche Mercedes better


    PLUS,Rachel wins it all what a BONUS to get married on their own REALITY TV show

    Thanks! for listening

  2. LOL Anonymous I love others opinions.

    So here was my thought process. I wanted to vote for a player that at least made it to jury.

    I'm not a Brendon and Rachel Fan, never have been never will be. I could care less if they get married or not.

    I think Shelly & Jordan have money. Jeff has been mean this season, not giving it to him, plus he won $10,000 already.

    Porsche and Kalia won $5000. I think Porsche has a good shot at winning the grand prize, I think at a minimum she will be in the final two. I didn't like Kalia's game.

    Adam followed Jeff & Jordan all season.

    That leaves Daniele who at least tried to play the game the entire time. Which is more than I can say for most of the house this season.


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