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Celebrity Rehab Season 5 Revisited Part 1

This episode is a follow up with the patients since they have left rehab. I'm not sure any of them went to a Sober House. That really wasn't addressed this season and since we are getting these "special shows". It really makes me think they didn't. I wonder if there will be a Sober House with different patients or if there won't be a Sober House. Maybe Dr. Drew is to busy with his new show, although he really wasn't on Sober House that much.

Bai Ling - An actress, alcoholic and abused child. It has been 150 days since Bai Ling left rehab, she is at a Buddhist Temple, she has been training in Martial Arts to prepare for a film. She has stayed sober.

Bob Forrest goes to check on her at her house in LA.  Bob says when we met you you were dancing topless on a table drunk. The girl on the roof has not relapsed. Bob says Bai is a patient that has been a dream.

Michael Lohan - Celebrity Father, Alcoholic. Less than 24 hours after his release Michael and Kate Major got in an altercation and he was arrested for felony domestic violence. He was able to resolve the charges, whatever that means. Michael says he is not drinking or doing drugs. He is working with Carmine Thompson of Intervention Allies. He is helping other people.

Dr. Drew is concerned because Michael is so early in his recovery. Bob Forrest is frustrated with him because he schedules appointments and doesn't show up, then when he calls him, Michael is like, I'm in Miami. Bob says I just talked to you last night and you said see you tomorrow. Michael tells Dr. Drew it is over with him and Kate. Kate has gone to rehab and is doing well.

Bob is concerned because Michael has no real home. He says he never really resolves relationship issues. Dr. Drew tells Michael to work with other people he really needs to be recovered himself. Bob says you came out here to help your daughter and you weren't able too. I said to myself there is a guy who doesn't know he is powerless. Bob, you don't have a say if she lives or dies. Michael, that's a scary thing to say. Bob, that's why you need a therapist. Michael says physically he has let go emotionally he can't. Dr. Drew, that's where Al-Anon will help.

Jeremy Jackson - Stereoid and supplement addiction. Dr. Drew says in his twenty years he's seen everything, but Jeremy's addiction was a real challenge. Malibu, CA four months after treatment he is clean and weighs 180 pounds. He reunited with a long lost girl friend. He hired a third party nutrionist to help with his vitamins. He says he is the happiest he has been in his life.

Bob Forrest checks back in with Jeremy. Bob said Jeremy was very helpful to him and Shelly the first three months then he disappeared. Bob is glad to find him looking well. LOL Bob is opening the cabinet doors and drawers. He's checking his house. I think Bob was amazed when he cleaned out Jeremy's last house. Several of the drawers were empty. Bob says look at all the room. He says Jeremy has a clarity in his eyes that he didn't have in rehab. In rehab there was a wildness and a fear. Bob hopes that Jeremy finds a mindfulness for living whether it be acting or whatever. I had wondered what Jeremy did to make all the money for the drugs.

Amy Fisher - Alcoholic, porn star. Amy has not been drinking or doing adult films. She says she has given up 3-400,000 dollars a year since giving up the adult films. She is selling her home and moving to Florida. Dr. Drew said it became clear during treatment that she still had a lot of guilt and anger in regards to Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Turns out Mary Jo watched this season and was so moved my Amy's story she agreed to meet with Amy.

Bob went and met Mary Jo to set up a meeting. Mary Jo was in the Betty Ford Center because she got addicted to pain killers for seven years after she got shot. She was up to about 30 pills a day because of what happened with getting shot and her husband. She says she forgave Amy for herself. It made her stronger. I think I remember that from an appearance she did on Oprah.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco, when I die it will be on the news and her name will be next to mine for the rest of my life. Bob, same for her. Mary Jo, I don't think Amy realizes that she took my kids childhood. Mary says her son has never been able to get over it. It's been 19 years.

When Bob went in Mary Jo's house it was daylight. It's now dark. I wonder how long he was there?

Bob goes to see Amy Fisher. Bob tells Amy he has met with Mary Jo and he would like her to meet with her. She says no way, I'm not doing it. I spent so many years apologizing I just can't do it. Bob, I remember years ago it seemed like you guys had made peace with each other then when I met you it didn't seem like it had ever happened. Amy, it took me a long time to admit. See they let me plead guilty to accidental assault and so for a long time I'd hang my hat on that. The reality is it wasn't a planned event, but I got mad plain and simple. I was a stupid kid. Wow, that was a pretty big admission. I'm proud of Amy that was big. I don't think I've ever heard her say that out loud.

Bob, there has got to be some closure. Coming to grips with that is the final frontier for you. It might take five or ten years. But you are on your way. Amy, yeah it bothers me sure, but as far as sitting down again with her. I'm not doing it. She knows I feel bad. Bob, I want you to have peace. Amy, I still think I need more time. That pain is still all there. I work with it but it didn't all go away. Bob, it's never going to all go away but you learn to live with it. I live with mine, you live with yours.

Dr. Drew says her pain will never go away until she comes to terms with what happened that faithful day nearly twenty years ago. Dr. Drew hopes even if Amy and Mary never meet they both find peace.

I think Bob Forrest could talk me into anything. He is such a sweet heart. Him and Shelly both have turned their lives around and do so much good. I just want to give both of them big hugs. And Dr. Drew too.

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