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Big Brother After Dark Recap September 4, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Kalia Booker are cooking something.

Rachel Reilly is playing with a scarf, she says she doesn't know how to wear it.

Jordan Lloyd and Adam Poch are on the couch outside talking. Jordan is telling Adam he is a nice guy and doesn't like to hurt people's feelings.

Adam yeah it's like when we were in the bathroom before and Kalia was going off on me. She was like I didn't realize you were so upset. I was like why did you vote for me?

Earlier today Adam won the veto and Kalia wanted him to use it on her. He told her no.

Adam, I was like I was going to start something. Jordan, it's when you get down to the end people get desperate. Adam, I just wonder how hard she is going to come after you and Rachel to keep her because she knows I'm not voting to keep her. Jordan, I'm just scared it's going to come down to you and Porsche and you are going to take Porsche. Adam, yes I'm going to keep Rachel.

It sounds like they are rehashing things that happened earlier today for Showtime. I guess that's nice, but I heard all of that on Twitter earlier. Kalia came out and interrupted the conversation.

Jordan and Adam went in to get something to eat. Porsche is on the couch with Kalia. Kalia is telling Porsche that she told Adam his alliance Jeff and Jordan is gone. Porsche, Jeff is. Kalia, Jordan doesn't even want to be here she doesn't even try in the competitions.

I'm just going to keep telling him I didn't want to put him on the block last week. Kalia, wouldn't that be really huge if he took one of us down and we stayed and took Rachel down next week and all three of us went to final three. Porsche, veto is what really matters next week and Rachel is going to win. Kalia, no she's not. Not if all three of us are here.

He's going to think it's really me and him competing in HOH. Porsche, if I win HOH I will be free and clear. He was like I'm not coming after Rachel if I win HOH I'm coming after you. Porsche, if I win HOH I'm free and clear. I go to final three. Guess who Rachel will pick and guess who Jordan will pick and guess where you will be. Kalia, out. Porsche, and sitting in jury for two days.

Kalia, I don't know what Adam is thinking. He lives in this world in his head. I told him you are literally picking Rachel over us. Jordan is going to take Rachel thinking no one will pick her to win and give she's going to give Rachel that money.

Kalia, I was trying to think today what would be the worst that would happen if he used the POV. The person that would be the maddest at you would be gone. And the other person can't win HOH next week and put you up. Kalia is assuming if Adam uses the veto she and Porsche would still stay. That's assuming a lot. Rachel comes outside and says she is cooking do they want anything?

Adam went outside to smoke. Kalia is working on him again telling him Rachel and Jordan lied to him. That she could have very easily have lied to him and tell him she voted for him but she didn't. Adam, I understand why you did it. When I voted for Jeff I knew my vote wouldn't matter.

Kalia, Rachel already tried to cut a final two deal with me. She said why not take the strongest newbie and strongest vet to the end.

He has had an alliance a lot longer with Jeff and Jordan than with you Kalia. She keeps talking about their alliance. Even in the beginning when the newbies were an alliance. Porsche ran to the vets week one and got a golden key. 

Now Rachel, Porsche, and Kalia are all discussing how much they made working as a bartender.

Kalia and Jordan are talking in the kitchen. Jordan is sitting cross legged on the bar. LOL Kalia was just saying last night how she hated peoples butts on tables. Short version - Jordan is telling her she is a competitor that's why she is up. Kalia is saying she is a competitor so she should get the chance to win.
Now Kalia is turning on the tears and saying how she (Porsche) wore bikinis all summer if you want to take her out I will I don't have a deal with her.

Porsche and Rachel outside. Rachel you've won just as many as Kalia. Porsche, she won three. Rachel, two. Porsche, so where does she get off saying she's such a great competitor. Porsche, you've won five. Rachel, technically seven but. Porsche, food competitions. Now Rachel is tell Porsche how her goal was to win more comps than Janelle who won nine.

Adam is telling Rachel Kalia is working him hard.

Porsche, It took me a long time to get that first place one and you weren't excited for me. Rachel, I was excited for you but I knew you were going to try and get me out. I would have been more excited if you were still my best friend, but you decided to be Daniele's best friend. Porsche, you decided to ditch me for a two fer best friend. Rachel, a two fer? Buy one get one free best friend.

Kalia is in bed crying.

There is a helicopter hovering over the house. Rachel, Porsche and Adam are playing pool. I don't know where Jordan is. Porsche, they are catching the bad guys. Rachel, there's no spot light. Adam, I'll protect you. I'll stand behind you. Rachel, I didn't know helicopters could hover like that. I guess that's why they are helicopters and not airplane's huh. Such the brainy act.

Kalia is still in bed crying, and now talking to herself.

There is a row of what looks like matching shoes lined up near the pool table. I don't know what that's about.

Kalia is trying to go in the DR. I thought I heard Jordan come outside earlier, but I don't see her she might be in the DR.

Jordan just came outside she was in the DR. Kalia is back in bed talking to herself.

LOL apparently when Brendon came back in the house and had a chunk of hair missing out of his hair. It was caused by him trying to shave his own head.

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