Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 7, 2011

Tonight's episode was recorded earlier in the day because of the taping of Wednesday night's show.

Kalia Booker is sleeping. Rachel Reilly is packing, then showering.

Adam is making rounds waking everyone up.

Porsche says they have cards and a shirt dying kit in there.

Adam is studying dates at the memory wall.

Adam to Rachel, did you hear the laughing all night? Rachel, yeah. I heard enough I can help you guys. Adam, you just decided not to get up since you weren't playing. Rachel, said something about them doing it every hour. Adam, said it was more often than that. Rachel, so I guess I didn't hear them all. Rachel, came down at 3:50 and they repeated the one about Jeff I said forget this. Adam, the one time I don't go they will say something different. Between 2a-6a they did all 14 again.  It seems like if Rachel could hear them upstairs the other house guests should have been able to hear Crystal them from their bed.

They have mimosa's for breakfast.

Porsche to Adam and Rachel. You guys wake up with sunshine up you a$$'s. Adam, we are farting rainbow's.

Rachel is making a mess tie dying. She is tie dying a swim suit.

Kalia is eating breakfast and playing cards with Adam.

Jordan is vacuuming. Adam is making Farah a shirt now. Porsche dyed a tank top and a shirt. Rachel has made several shirts. So far no one is fighting like last year.

Everyone laying down again and studying.

Totally boring show today.

It was leaked last night that Adam is the new HOH. It is suspected that Kalia is gone but not confirmed.

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