Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap September 9, 2011

Rachel and Porsche are in the kitchen studying the memory wall expecting the morphing competition.

Now they are playing cards.

Adam must be in the DR. Rachel just made a comment about he got to meet Tori Spelling and probably will win the game. I wonder if that means he won the first part?

I was just looking at their stats. The three of them have each won 2 POV's, Adam and Porsche have 1 HOH each and Rachel has won 3 HOH's.

Porsche and Rachel are discussing what happened. Porsche confirmed Jeff threw the veto competition and that if he hadn't of taken the money he would have taken the trip.

Adam just came out of the DR and did his nightly shout out to Farah. He apologized for not doing better for against the warrior and the machine. So I guess he didn't win the first part.

Now it's sounding like Rachel won tonight. She just said she thought Porsche would hold on longer.

The whole endurance comp only lasted 45 minutes. Rachel won. This year has had the worst endurance comps ever.

Adam told Porsche she should keep Rachel because he competitors should be at the end and it is a better competitive move. Rachel has already beat her in the first comp. (which is why I would have voted Rachel out) Now he is telling her Brendon will respect her game and she can get his vote. Not if she is sitting next to Rachel.

I'm thinking Porsche and Rachel are going to the final two and Porsche will win. Adam might surprise me but I think these two girls can beat him.

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  1. Showtime After Dark 12:53am, 9/10/11 - They had their big dinner earlier, dissed all the cast members, gave a tour of the house, then went back to the cast photo's and decided to compliment the cast member. Maybe they are looking for the votes to win the $25K. Now they are all playing cards. Yes, Rachel won the first phase of the three phase HOA competition. The second phase will be held sometime tomorrow. Last night Rachel was helping Porsche (hope I spelled her name correctly) study cast photos in case they did a Photo Mash-up as the second competition. I guess Rachel wants to go against Porsche for the third competition, which I think will be live on 9/14/11. Not sure. OK, that's it for me as there is not much going on. Maybe there will be more game play talk closer to the finale.


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