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Celebrity Rehab Season 5 Revisited Part 2

Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest meet with Jessica and recommend Jessica Kiper go to sober living. She did not go. She has been smoking pot and drinking. They again try and get her to go to sober living. She says no.

Dr. Drew tells her if she doesn't stop drinking there will be trouble. She finally agrees to go. She packs some stuff and Bob Forrest takes her to the new house. I just want to give Bob a hug he's such a sweet heart.

Next up Dwight Gooden. Dwight has been doing good. Bob is concerned about the 6-8 month point. He says Doc has been there at least four times before. Bob tells him to imagine you get to the 8 month point and you do drugs and you die, the NY times does your obituary and your mom has to go to the church with her lady friends. Dwight says his mom is a big motivator for him. He talks about her seeing him in his orange jumpsuit in prison. He says he could see her age ten years.

Bob Forrest is scheduled to meet with Steven Adler he is showing up early to surprise him. Another really good friend of Steven's has died, Janie Lane. Bob, it really is shocking how may friends Steven and I know that are dead.

Bob gets Steven's room one of his friends Joey Toolbox is asleep in the bed. There is a partially smoked joint on the radio. Bob tells Steven he is worried about him because of Janie. Steven says he saw it coming. Bob laughs at him. There is a plate of marijuana laying there. Steven says lets go outside this isn't my room. He just told Bob when he came in the room that his friend Joey was sleeping in his room because he had a little girl. And it is the room number Bob had to meet him at. Oh Steven!

They go outside. Bob, this is the first time I'm starting to get irritated by Steven. Really irritated. This is exactly like it was in 1987 and we are fifty years old. They go sit down in a restaurant. Bob, you know these guys party, stay in a different hotel. Steven insists it's just one show, one night. Bob is really bummed about Jani. Bob, you were in Los Encinas with him. All three of us were together. Steve, all I can do is keep living. Bob, he died of alcohol. Steve, alcohol and pills. Bob, if we put a list together of all the people we know that have died we could paper this table. Steven, all of these tables together. Bob, that's what I'm worried about I want to get this right. Steven, me too. Bob, you just get caught up on this

Coming up, Steven is getting ready to perform. Bob see's him go in the bathroom with Steven's friends guarding the door. Bob, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is going on around here.

I don't know about you Bob but I wouldn't call those people Steven's friends.

Updated: OK, so one episode was 40 minutes and another episode was an hour. Very weird. Here is the last twenty minutes.

Steven is playing the drums. He's an awesome drum player.

After the concert in the dressing room Bob says Steven started acting really weird. Steven's friends are sneaking booze to him and he's pouring it in a coffee cup, right in front of me. I'm not the alcohol police. He's never lied to me or hidden stuff from me and now he is lying to me and hiding booze in coffee cups. This is ridiculous. Now he is going in the bathroom and his friends are guarding the door.

Steven comes out and Bob tells him let's take a walk. Bob, I have known Steven 25 years and he lied to me today like a twelve year old.  He has never lied to me before and that is not a good sign. I feel so bad for Bob. He looks like Steven just kicked him in the gut. I believe Bob is fearful for his life as am I.

Bob is giving him a what for. Bob told Steven he is not going to his funeral. Steven called two days later and asked for their help to get back into rehab, but only stayed two days before checking out.

I haven't seen an update on Sean Young. Very curious. I hope she is okay.

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